ACRIFIX® 2R 0195 Satin

Reactive Cements


ACRIFIX® 2R 0195 is an unique two-component reactive cement with a frosty finish. Preferably used for bonding ACRYLITE® Satin Ice acrylic sheet SC and DC (ACRYLITE® P-95 and ACRYLITE® DP9 acrylic sheet) as well as ACRYLITE® Crystal Ice but also suitable for bonding to other materials. Just like ACRIFIX® 2R 0190, 2R 0195 is also UV stabilized to ensure weatherability.

  • Substrate: for satin textured extruded (FF) and cast (GP) acrylic sheet material

  • Application: butt joints, area bonding, filler joints

  • Typical application: furniture, displays, store fixtures, mechanical engineering, model building

  • Gap-filling: yes

  • Appearance of bond: translucent white, bubble-free, matte surface similar to ACRYLITE


  • Weather resistant: yes (annealing recommended)

  • Bonding strength: very good

Technical information
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