ACRIFIX® 2R 0190 Versatile

Reactive Cements


ACRIFIX® 2R 0190 is a syrupy, two-component reactive cement. It is most versatile which can be used in virtually every acrylic bonding application and that’s why we call it “the mother of all cement”. It offers the best bonding quality (strength and optical quality) for bonding acrylic (PMMA) to itself and to other substrates. The joint cures in an invisible water clear. It is UV stabilized so there is no yellowing. It offers a superior weatherability than other products in the market. Meets Mil Spec A-8576 Type III, Component A. 

  • Substrate: extruded (FF) and cast (GS) acrylic sheet material

  • Application: butt joints, area bonding, filler joints

  • Typical application: furniture, displays, store fixtures, mechanical engineering, model building, aquariums 

  • Gap-filling: yes

  • Appearance of bond: virtually colorless, bubble-free

  • Weather resistant: yes (annealing recommended)

  • Bonding strength: excellent

Technical information
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