ACRIFIX® 1R 0192 Bright

Reactive Cements




ACRIFIX® 1R 0192 is an unique one-component reactive cement that is cured through UV light or other light sources. Curing through UV light provides an opportunity to harden and secure the bond in a relatively short time with a strong and high quality bond. This one-component cement also requires no mixing* and is ideal for clear projects.

  • Substrate: for satin extruded (FF) and cast (GP) acrylic sheet material

  • Application: butt joints, area bonding, filler joints

  • Typical application: furniture, displays, store fixtures, mechanical engineering, model building, repairs and DIY

  • Gap-filling: yes

  • Appearance of bond: virtually colorless, bubble-free

  • Weather resistant: yes (annealing recommended)

  • Bonding strength: very good

* As other ACRIFIX® reactive cements, 1R 0192 can be adjusted by mixing thinner and cleaner or modifier.