Reactive Cements



Reactive cements are based on MMA/PMMA are polymerization cements consisting of one or more components. They cure by chemical reaction (polymerization) upon addition of catalysts or exposure to light or UV radiation.


These cements fill gaps better and, therefore, impose fewer demands on the accuracy of fit between the parts. They must be used where high strength and good resistance to environmental conditions are required.

These cements are gap-filling and highly suitable for area bonding. They provide very strong bonds of high quality appearance that are generally weather-resistant, depending on the cement type.

ACRIFIX® reactive cements are recommended to bond acrylic (PMMA) to itself, preferably ACRYLITE® FF, ACRYLITE® GP or parts made from ACRYLITE® molding compound. It is also suitable for bonding acrylics to other thermoplastics such as ABS, PET, PC, PS, PVC and materials such as wood.

Other two-component cements like epoxy resins, isocyanates (polyurethane), phenolics and aminoplastics are not suitable for bonding ACRYLITE® sheet to itself or other materials because their adhesion is very low.

The viscosity of ACRIFIX® reactive cements can be thinned by adding ACRIFIX® TC 0030. ACRIFIX® MO 2080 can also be added to slow down the polymerization reaction.

ACRYLITE® GP & FF acrylic sheet
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