ACRIFIX® 1S 0127

Solvent Adhesives


Suitable for professional use only!

1-component solution adhesive, physically curing, thin-bodied
  • For sheet material: extruded (XT) acrylic sheet material [cast acrylic sheet material (GS)]

  • Application: quick and easy bonding, butt joints, very accurate fit required, no area bonding 

  • Typical application: displays, store fixtures, mechanical engineering

  • Gap-filling: no

  • Appearance of bond: bubbles may form

  • Weather-resistant: yes

  • Bond strength: good

  • Comments: also for material with slight inherent stress

  • Initial bond: 10 - 30 seconds

  • Time required before further processing: > 3 hours 

  • Viscosity (20 °C): 15 mPA*s

  • Containes dichloromethane) (suspected carcinogen)

  • Safety indications: see Technical Information 

  • UN number: 1993

Technical Information